WOD 10.5.15

Smolov Squat – Day 1
Based weights off of #325 at Russell Reeds advice instead of my true max of #350

3×8 210 (progressively harder)
5x 230 (not too bad)
2×2 245 (warmed up now…easy)
1x 260 (easy)

Will work with this for now and bump up by 10 pounds next week.

4 sets of 20 R-KBS #53
20 dubs
5 each side TGUs #53

3:00 relax ride on airdyne

WOD 9.30.15

From the ground-Pause front 5×3 @75%
*Hold @ bottom for 3 sec and without bouncing drive out of the hole as fast as possible.
In between 1 set of the front squats perform 1 set of max kipping pull ups. ONLY 1 ATTEMPT
In between all the other sets of squats perform a total of 4 sets of max ring dips or max bench dips.

“Black and blue ”
10 power cleans 135/95
10 burpees

Extra credit
1 lap sled pull MALE-1/45+1/25 FEMALE 1/45 as hard as possible Rest 2 min x5

5 rounds of TGUs each side #53 kb


Stayed at #185 for my front squats…to tired to clean 205 where i should have been.
11:30 for metcon…stomach was not happy..too much liquid before wod
sled pulls – done
TGUs – done (wore me out)

WOD 9.29.15


work up to 3 rep max of power snatch

reduce by 10% 3×3 power snatch

then 3×3 power snatch – OHS complex

30 Pavel KBS #53


worked up to #135 (PR) then dropped to #115

Those kbs are no joke

WOD 9.28.15

Establish a 5 rm c&j
This can be power or squat but it must be tap and go. No dropping.

10 full cleans 155/105 s- 115/80
20 box overs s- step up overs
30 t2b s- an mat sit-ups
40 hrpu
50 air squats
100 dubs s- 200 singles.

#175 for 5 but could have had #185 with more time
12:06 for metcon..Rx

WOD 9.24.15

Partner wod with Justin Phillips
Split everything
10 down and back length of rig
10×3 farmers carry #53 kb down and back
10 burpee broad jumps length of rig
100 abmat situps
100 cal row

28ish mins (finished row in 5:23)

Worked on power snatches some…worked up to #145

Worked on ring muscle ups

Feeling really good this week and i think its because I started on XEndurance a week and a half ago. I fell almost totally recovered after about 10 minutes

WOD 9.23.15

Strength 20 min
Establish a 20 rep max back squat

7 Rounds for time
7 ground to overhead 135


#225 (PR) for 20…then #235 for 10…just got bored and stopped but could have had it

18:23 for the metcon

WOD 9.21.15

Strength Complex 20 MIN
Build to a maximal load
1 push press +3 push jerks+5 Front Squats

15 min AMRAP
9 wallballs 30/20 Scale- 20/14
6 Chest to bar Pull-ups Scale- pull ups, banded, ring rows
3 power snatches 95/65 Scale-75/55
*Increase by 3 reps each round on POWER SNATCHES. The reps remain the same for the WB and C2B.

185 for the strength

All the 15s and 6 snatches in the 18s